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Location: Hvolsvöllur, Iceland

Year: 2014-2017

Area: 2,400m2

Program: Exhibition and Visitor Centre




LAVA - Iceland Volcano and Earthquake Center is an interactive experience that will reveal the epic forces of nature that shape our planet and created Iceland. 
Located by the foothills of the greatest volcanoes on Iceland's Ring Road, LAVA will provide you with varied scenes and hands-on learning experiences, as well as a great 360 viewing platform that overlooks the neighboring volcanoes of Eyjafjallajökull, Katla and Hekla along with the beautiful Westman Islands off the south coast. 
LAVA will be the HUB for day-trips and tours in South Iceland and a Tourist Information Center for the region. In addition, the building includes a souvenir shop, a restaurant, a coffeehouse and a public square.



Design team: Ari Þorleifsson, Guðjón Kjartansson, Marcos Zotes, Sigríður Sigþórsdóttir

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