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Location: Reykjavík, Iceland

Year: 2015

Status: Competition

Program: Hotel

Client: Islands Hótel



The aim of the proposal for a hotel in Lækjargata Street in downtown Reykjavik is to respond to the particular conditions of the local context, harmonizing with the older buildings that surround the area and contributing to enhance the public life of both local residents and hotel guests.

While the competition brief asks for a five-floor height building, our solution is to reduce the visual impact of the massing by introducing dormer hotel rooms in the two upper floors. In this way, the building reads as three-floor height from the street level, complementing the existing character of the area.

The program is distributed in two separate buildings connected underground, creating a public courtyard and a sunken garden in between. At ground level, local shops, a restaurant and a bar aim at activating Lækjargata Street, as well as bringing life to the public courtyard. 117 hotel rooms are accommodated in the upper levels, providing a variety of experiences and excellent views across the city.



Design team: Anna María Bogadóttir, Edda Ívarsdóttir, Harpa Heimisdóttir, Marcos Zotes, Perla Dís Kristinsdóttir, Sigríður Sigþórsdóttir


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