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Location: Hrafnseyri, Iceland

Year: 2010

Area: 140 m2

Program: Exhibition and Visitor Center

Client: The Icelandic Prime Minister's Office



The new exhibition about Jon Sigurdsson is designed on one continuous screen that runs through all rooms of the existing old building at Hrafnseyri. The screen has various degrees of transparency and thus the existing building is always present in the background. Layers of text and pictures are printed in layers on the surface as well as wooden boxes for special exhibits. Careful consideration has been given on how to maximize daylight within the exhibition space in order to make the most of the unique quality of the natural light in this northerly location.


Design team: Ene Cordt Andersen, Hallmar Sigurdsson, Marcos Zotes, Sigridur Sigthorsdottir, Thorhallur Sigurdsson

Exhibition design and scenography: Basalt Architects

Media: Gagarín

Lighting design: Guðjón L Sigurðsson

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