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Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

Year: 2020

Status: Completed

Program: Retail

Client: Bioeffect



The first Bioeffect Flagship Store in the heart of Iceland‘s capital provides an international showcase for the pioneering skincare brand and is set to improve their customer experience.

"The store reflects wonderfully the brand we are building and is hopefully the first of many if we look further into the future and beyond the country," says Dr. Björn Örvar, one of the founders of ORF biotechnology and the scientist behind the skin care brand.

The interior arrangement of the store responds to the triangular shape of the space. The flow of guests is organized around a central element that combines product display, information, product testing, seating and storage space. A large, triangle-shaped luminarie doubles as a floral crown where plants hang above the space contributing to the overall sense of wellness.

Display cabinets are placed in all window bays, hanging from the ceiling and leaving the floor intact to provide a sense of lightness and continuity between interior and exterior. Lighting features are carefully integrated in all display elements, providing uniform lighting without producing unwanted shadows.  

Stretched green fabric threads are used to cover the surface of different elements such as furniture, walls, display cabinets and lighting features. Conceived as a reference to barley, the spiky plant that is grown in the ORF biotechnology greenhouse in Grindavík and is used as the main ingredient in Bioeffect products, the threads provide a very strong sense of identity for the store and the brand. The use of polycarbonate material, white steel profile elements, barley and other plants in the interior design is a reference to the biotechnology greenhouse and laboratory.



Design concept and interior design: Basalt Architects

Design team: Marcos Zotes, Rut Sigurmonsdóttir

Electrical and lighting design: Liska

Steel construction: Suðulist
Photography: Gunnar Sverrisson

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